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New in Tech: Amazon web services start implementing AI

Transforming Clinical Trials with Generative AI

French start-up Yseop has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in assisting pharmaceutical companies with clinical trials and drug approvals. This partnership aims to expedite the traditionally lengthy process of bringing new medications to market, which currently averages a decade.

The Urgent Need for Speed and Accuracy

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials produce vast amounts of data. Medical writers are tasked with creating detailed protocols and reports that are crucial for securing trial approvals and marketing authorizations. Yseop’s CEO, Emmanuel Walckenaer, emphasized the need for precision, stating, “What we write can’t be approximate; it has to be perfect.”

With the shortage of medical writers and the increasing volume of data, GenAI tools developed by Yseop are designed to streamline the writing process, enhancing both speed and accuracy. The tools utilize text-to-text and data-to-text AI models, incorporating rigorous quality checks to prevent errors, thereby ensuring the reliability of the generated documents.


Key Benefits and Innovations

  1. Efficiency in Reporting: Yseop’s GenAI tools help medical writers manage tedious tasks, such as interpreting statistical tables, thus speeding up the reporting process.
  2. Advanced AI Models: Collaborating with AI leaders like Mistral, OpenAI, and Anthropic, Yseop employs cutting-edge models to ensure high-quality outputs.
  3. Quality Assurance: Implementing high-level quality checks and involving multiple verification layers, Yseop guarantees the accuracy of its AI-generated content.

Yseop’s partnership with AWS addresses technical challenges such as data storage and localization, further supporting the scalable implementation of these AI solutions.

Industry Adoption and Future Outlook

AI integration in the pharmaceutical industry is gaining momentum. Companies like IBM and QuantHealth are pioneering AI-driven clinical trials, highlighting the sector’s shift towards embracing technology. For example, AI’s ability to scan large datasets for potential trial patients can reduce cohort gathering time by up to 50%.

Despite these advancements, AI’s full potential in medicine is yet to be realized. Jeffrey Morgan, managing director at Deloitte, notes, “I don’t think it’s pervasive yet, but I think we’re past the experimentation stage.”

Olritz: A Prudent Investment in the AI-Driven Future

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