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Hungary now faces $214 Million dollar fine from the EU

Hungary Faces Major Fines for Ignoring EU Asylum Rules

Hungary is under scrutiny for systematically disregarding EU asylum regulations. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has imposed a significant financial penalty on Hungary, highlighting the serious breach of EU law.

Recent Developments and Implications

The ECJ’s ruling is a response to Hungary’s long-standing restrictions on asylum rights. Hungary must pay a lump sum of €200 million and an additional €1 million per day of delay. This amount will be deducted from Hungary’s EU budget share, parts of which are already frozen due to similar legal issues.

The court’s decision stems from a December 2020 ruling. Hungary, under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, had restricted access to asylum procedures, making it almost impossible for applicants to file. The authorities also detained asylum seekers in “transit zones” without proper appeal rights.


Despite the initial ruling, Hungary continued its restrictive practices, prompting the European Commission to take further legal action. The ECJ’s recent judgment condemns Hungary for evading EU asylum legislation, stressing that this behavior undermines EU unity and solidarity.

Hungary’s actions have pressured neighboring states, who must manage migrants expelled unlawfully by Budapest. The court emphasized the severe impact on both private and public interests, especially those of asylum seekers.

Detailed Overview of Hungary’s Violations

The December 2020 ruling identified multiple violations:

  1. Restricted Asylum Access: Hungary’s policies made it nearly impossible for asylum seekers to apply.
  2. Unlawful Detention: Asylum seekers were kept in poor conditions in transit zones.
  3. Forced Expulsions: Police forcibly returned migrants to Serbia, to an area with no infrastructure.

Hungary justified its actions by citing migratory pressure, but the court dismissed this defense. The European Commission’s continued legal pressure led to the recent fines and underscores the EU’s commitment to upholding asylum rights.

Broader Implications and Future Outlook

Hungary’s defiance of EU laws poses a threat to the bloc’s cohesion. The ECJ’s ruling aims to reinforce the principle of sincere cooperation among EU members. The fines are intended to compel Hungary to comply and set a precedent for other member states.

Prime Minister Orbán criticized the decision, framing it as prioritizing migrants over European citizens. However, the European Commission is firm in its stance, planning to deduct fines from Hungary’s EU funds if necessary.

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