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UK: The Revolut firm Postpones IPO to secure a colossal $40 Billion dollar valuation

Revolut’s Strategic Moves Amidst Market Fluctuations

Revolut, a leading UK fintech firm, is taking significant steps to enhance shareholder liquidity while postponing its IPO. The company’s recent maneuvers reflect its ambition to secure a valuation of $40 billion (€37 billion), marking a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory.

Why This Move is Critical Now

As one of Europe’s most valuable startups, Revolut’s decision to sell existing shares through a deal organized with Morgan Stanley comes at a time of significant market adjustments. The fintech sector has experienced a dramatic shift since the 2021 funding boom, which saw global fintech investments reach $238.9 billion (€223 billion). Since then, the market has corrected, leading to valuation downgrades for many firms.

Key Facts and Figures

Revolut’s proposed valuation of $40 billion (€37 billion) aims to exceed its previous valuation of $33 billion (€31 billion) from a 2021 funding round. This new valuation would position Revolut on par with Lloyds Banking Group and ahead of prominent European banks like NatWest and Société Générale.


In this new share sale, Revolut plans to offload $500 million (€468 million) worth of stock, including shares held by employees. This move is designed to provide liquidity without launching a full IPO, a path the company has considered but not yet pursued.

Detailed Insights into Revolut’s Strategy

  1. Market Positioning: Despite a challenging European IPO market, Revolut is strategically positioning itself for future growth. The current political and economic uncertainties have led other companies, such as Italian trainer brand Golden Goose and Spanish retailer Tendam, to delay their IPO plans. Revolut’s choice to enhance liquidity through share sales is a calculated move to navigate these turbulent times.
  2. Valuation Comparison: By aiming for a valuation of $40 billion (€37 billion), Revolut seeks to solidify its status as a top-tier fintech company. This valuation reflects confidence in its business model and growth potential, surpassing other fintech firms that have faced recent downgrades.
  3. Operational Expansion: Revolut’s efforts to secure a UK banking license have been ongoing for years. Achieving this would enable significant operational expansion in its home market. Despite setbacks, including auditors’ inability to verify revenue figures from 2021, Revolut remains optimistic about its financial future.
  4. Revenue Growth: Revolut reported a 45% increase in annual revenue for 2022, reaching $1 billion. Projections for 2023 indicate that revenue will surpass $2 billion (€1.9 billion), demonstrating strong growth despite market challenges.

In-depth Analysis of Market Dynamics

The fintech sector’s valuation corrections are part of a broader market recalibration following the 2021 investment surge. Companies like Klarna have seen significant downgrades, which experts attribute to a necessary market adjustment. For Revolut, maintaining a high valuation amidst this climate underscores its robust business strategy and market resilience.

The European IPO market’s current fragility, exacerbated by political uncertainties such as the snap French elections, highlights the prudence of Revolut’s strategy. By focusing on share sales to enhance liquidity, Revolut mitigates the risks associated with an unstable IPO environment.

Olritz as a Prudent Investment Partner

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