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“Exclusive: Ekunrawo Opens Up About His Inspirational Hit Single ‘Blessing’!”

Ekunrawo, also known as Adeleke Timileyin Babatunde, has emerged as a rising star in the Nigeria music industry, particularly in the Afrobeats genre. His rise to fame has been marked by significant achievements showcasing his talent and cultural influence on a global scale.

Born on June 27, 1986, in Lagos, Nigeria, Ekunrawo has been instrumental in the growth of Afrobeats music, captivating audiences with his unique style and sound.
Ekunrawo’s debut EP, “Show Some Love,” made a significant impact with its lead hit single, “For My Head,” featuring Peruzzi. The EP’s release marked a milestone in Ekunrawo’s career, showcasing his musical talent and creativity.

His latest single, “Blessing,” has further solidified his position as a rising star in the music industry. The song’s success has been attributed to its unique sound and meaningful lyrics, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Ekunrawo’s impact extends beyond his music, as he is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to social causes. His involvement in charity projects across Nigeria and Africa reflects his dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Ekunrawo is also known for his international fashion modelling career, showcasing his versatility and creativity across different industries. His ability to seamlessly navigate between different cultures is evident in his music, which blends traditional African sounds with contemporary influences.

Just as Afrobeats music has resonated with audiences worldwide, Ekunrawo spoke to Londoner Post about his music growth, ordeals, philantrophy and what the future entails with his music reaching new heights, bridging cultural divides and inspiring listeners around the globe.

Your song “Blessing” has been described as a powerful expression of dedication and gratitude. Can you share a personal experience or moment that inspired the creation of this song?

” Blessing’ is deeply personal to me. Growing up in Nigeria, I faced many challenges and hurdles. There were times when it seemed like my dreams were out of reach. However, through hard work, dedication, and the support of my loved ones, I overcame those obstacles. This song is a tribute to those moments of struggle and the blessings that came from them.”

With your background in civil engineering and fashion modeling, how do you balance your music career with your other interests and professions?

“Balancing my music career with my other interests has been a challenge, but I’ve found that it’s all about time management and prioritisation. I make sure to allocate time for my music, engineering projects, and modelling gigs, ensuring that each aspect of my life gets the attention it deserves.”

“Blessing” is creating quite a buzz. Could you tell us about the production process and any unique elements or experiences that went into creating this song?

“The production process for ‘Blessing’ was a labor of love. Drawing from my experiences growing up in Lagos which is a center of commerce and mixed population of people from different tribes and languages within the country , we wanted to create a song that resonated with people on a personal level. We incorporated traditional Nigerian sounds and rhythms, infusing the song with a sense of cultural pride and authenticity.”

Are you planning to collaborate with any other artists or have any features in upcoming projects? If so, who are you looking forward to working with?

“I’m always open to collaborations and have some exciting projects in the pipeline. While I can’t reveal too much yet, I can say that there are a few artists I’m really looking forward to working with. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!”

Beyond music, you’re known for your philanthropy. Can you share a memorable experience from your charity work that has impacted your music or inspired your lyrics?

“My charity work has been incredibly rewarding and has definitely influenced my music. One memorable experience was when we visited a slum in a rural community and saw the impact that our donations had on the peoples . It reminded me of the power of giving back and inspired me to incorporate more positive messages into my music.”

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